8 03, 2017

WoMeN’s DaY…!!!

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Women need to be empowered through the strongest tool – education. They don’t need to be subservient to anyone, but at the same time, men must change their mindset towards women. If they are more respectful towards them, then things will change at the grassroots level. It will happen slowly, but everyone has to move together Small contribution from Infugin Services Pvt Ltd.


27 02, 2017


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This month marks your performance with the (INFUGIN). We are very glad to have you on our team. Your dedication, talent, and abilities have earned you an Employee of the month. We all feel lucky to have you as a part of our team and wish that you keep up to the expectations that your job puts forth!

Many congratulations AMIT KUMAR for being the Employee of the month feb-2017.

24 02, 2017

महाशिवरात्रि… ॐ नम: शिवाय.

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Maha Shivaratri is one of the traditional festivals followed by most of the Hindus. This day is believed to be the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Many Hindus follow this festival with utmost tradition. Maha Shivratri is a festival which is celebrated on the new moon day in the month of Maagha according to the Hindu calendar. Many people do fasting on this day and show respect to lord shiva on this day.

Maha Shivaratri is one of the most famous traditional festivals celebrated by Hindus. Every year in the month of Feb and March, Maha Shivaratri is celebrated. The festival is principally celebrated by […]

27 01, 2017

Employee of the Month January-2017…!!!

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Huge congrats to Binesh Kumar for receiving January employee of the month! Binesh started working for Infugin Services Pvt Ltd in August 2016. Binesh embodies what it means to be a Developer, a team player of our Android Team. When asked what his favorite memory was working for Infugin Services Pvt Ltd, his response, “Working with infugin is itself one of the best memories I have. It was a great accomplishment that I worked hard for, a great experience for myself, being an employee of the month in the start of the year.

Work hard. & Party harder…!!!

26 01, 2017

Birthday Celebration !!!

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Ashish Shukla! The most deserved person in the office today is a Special day, special person and special celebration. May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year.  Happy birthday. Stay blessed stay happy.

26 01, 2017

गणतंत्र दिवस…!!!

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गणतंत्र दिवस भारत का राष्ट्रीय पर्व है । यह दिवस भारत के गणतंत्र बनने की खुशी में मनाया जाता है । 26 जनवरी, 1950 के दिन भारत को एक गणतांत्रिक राष्ट्र घोषित किया गया था । इसी दिन स्वतंत्र भारत का नया संविधान अपनाकर नए युग का सूत्रपात किया गया था । यह भारतीय जनता के लिए स्वाभिमान का दिन था । संविधान के अनुसार डॉ. राजेन्द्र प्रसाद स्वतंत्र भारत के प्रथम राष्ट्रपति बने । जनता ने देश भर में खुशियाँ मनाई । तब से 26 जनवरी को हर वर्ष गणतंत्र दिवस के रूप में मनाया जाता रहा है ।


9 01, 2017


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Most dedicated and wonderful person of the team have crossed one more year in JOURNEY of his life, we hope it was your best year you have lived and we wish you the upcoming year should be more joyful, Successful, and lucky for you, it should bring more colures in your life with great achievements Infugin Services Pvt Ltd.


1 01, 2017

Manik Khanna Birthday Celebration…..!!!

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May your special day bring you sounds of happy laughter, Warmth of smiling faces and feeling of being loved! No matter what happens we wish that you always find the way to stay positive. On your special day, I wish you lots of exciting and beautiful memories to remember! Congratulations on your Big Day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANIK.

Infugin Services Pvt Ltd.



25 12, 2016

Christmas Celebration….!!!

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As always there is a tradition of celebrating Christmas in unique style which plays a vital role in making a grand Christmas celebration. It generally starts from the 25 December midnight and people enjoy with orchestra, play games etc. Many people love to spend quality time with their love heart friends, relatives and partying together. Some people attend nearby parties and drink champagne. On X-Mas Night the whole sky is filled with lighting fireworks.
Merry Christmas to all


2 11, 2016

Employee of the month Oct 2016

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Infugin presents Employee of the Month Oct-2016 Mr. Vinod singh, your hard work and commitment have surely contributed to Infugin’s success story and we truly appreciate this. Infugin Family would like to congrats for your smashing work wish you a good luck.